about us

Sumoil is a leader in the lubricant market with offices in Miami, FL. All of Sumoil’s products are blended in the United States from the highest quality base stocks as well as a technologically advanced additive system.

specialty synthetic blending

Sumoil’s product line has been designed to perfectly compliment a wide variety of industries. A synthetic lubricant should be able to effectively operate in the machine it was designed for while at the same time reduce friction, decrease wear/rust/corrosion, increase efficiency, and increase machine life. Sure a conventional oil will have these qualities (to a lesser extent), but when you compare a conventional oil’s properties, cost, and fluid life to that of a synthetic’s, there is a tremendous cost savings over the life of the machine with a synthetic lubricant. We believe that our product’s synthetic formulations are the best in the industry. We achieved our continuing success by combining these values with a product line specifically tailored to your application, our competitive pricing, and Sumoil’s superior customer service.

Our goal at Sumoil is to provide industry leading customer service as well as the assurance that customers receive the right product at a very competitive price. To achieve this goal, your company would supply us with the lubricant product name or type that is currently being used in an application and we will quote you on our equivalent formulation. You can also talk to us about your lubrication requirements and our engineers and formulators will work with you to develop the correct lubricant. Too many companies are forced to settle for a lubricant that is not a perfect match for their application because other lubricant companies refuse to customize their formulations.

For Sumoil to recommend a suitable alternative, simply send us the name of the current product you are using, the datasheet for that product, and inform us of any problems you are experiencing or any characteristics that you feel the current lubricant is lacking. We work very closely with our blender, which over the past few years Sumoil has developed a close professional relationship with. Located in the United States, the blending facility has the capacity to manufacture many different quantities of lubricants ranging from a single pail to thousands of gallons. This blending process can be done very quickly, with orders generally shipping shortly after they come in.