PAG 100

PAG 100

Sumoil RPAG consists of a special blend of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and synthetic base fluids to provide unsurpassed performance. This advanced formulation provides superior protection for HFC refrigeration systems, exceptional chemical and thermal stability, and a very long service life. RPAG lubricant has exceptional chemical and thermal stability and it offers a very long service life.

R-PAG-100 premium polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricant is fully miscible in and specifically formulated to provide
exceptional protection in R-134A automotive a/c systems. Through its advanced formulation, R-PAG-100 provides
excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion.

• Formulated for use in R-134A automotive AC applications
• Carbon, varnish and rust control to help reduce deposits and corrosion
• High viscosity index provides reliable compressor protection at elevated temperatures
• Maintains fluidity at low temperature to ensure proper fluid performance in even the harshest weather conditions
• High flash and auto-ignition points for added safety
• Superior film strength and anti-wear properties
• Very long fluid life for extended oil drains





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