R717-LT is a high-efficiency ammonia refrigeration compressor lubricant specifically designed to lower energy
consumption in compressors. This formulation utilizes the next generation of 2-stage hydrocracked basestocks
and advanced additives to ensure outstanding performance and fluid life. The enhanced oxidative stability of
R717-LT helps to extend oil life. The advanced additive package controls and prevents corrosion of system

Increased Low-Temperature Fluidity & Improved Energy Savings: R717-LT remains mobile at extreme cold
temperatures, preventing clogging and build-up inside narrow evaporator passages.

Reduced Oil Carryover to Evaporators, Extended Fluid Life & Protection: Extremely low volatility and solubility in
ammonia systems ensure that R717-LT reduces oil carryover. This causes the evaporator to operate more
efficiently and at a higher capacity.

• Improved energy savings: Can help lower energy consumption by up to 1.5%
• Low volatility: Resulting in reduced carryover to evaporators
• Thermal and oxidative stability: Promotes longer fluid life and extended oil-drain intervals
• High viscosity index: Superior pumpability at lower temperatures and better protection at high temperatures
• Excellent film strength and anti-wear properties: For better protection of compressor parts
• High flash and auto-ignition points: For added safety
• Low solubility with ammonia
• Protects against rust, corrosion, carbon and varnish



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