R-POE-68 is a POE refrigeration lubricant specially formulated to lower energy consumption in HFC refrigeration
compressors. This advanced lubricant provides superior protection, thermal stability, and an enhanced antioxidant package
for extended service life. R-POE-68’s lower viscosity and high viscosity index delivers improved low-temperature fluidity and
reduced compressor energy consumption when compared to traditional ISO 68 POE lubricants, all without sacrificing
lubrication or protection.

R-POE-68 utilizes a proprietary combination of advanced friction modifiers and anti-wear additives that bond to metal
surfaces inside the compressor. This combination creates an extra layer of protection that dramatically reduces friction and
wear. This results in increased compressor efficiency, energy savings, and extended compressor life.

• Enhanced oxidative stability
• Excellent solubility in HFC and blended refrigerants
• High viscosity index for better compressor protection at high and low temperatures
• Controls rust for enhanced component protection
• High flash and auto-ignition for added safety



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